MobileRev™ Provides Electronic Discovery Solution for Social Messaging and Mobile Content

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November 4, 2017
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December 26, 2017

MobileRev™ Provides Electronic Discovery Solution for Social Messaging and Mobile Content

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The universe of electronic data is expanding with a diverse array of locations hosting information submitted from portable devices with computing power that rivals desktop computers.  The prominent role of mobile devices with powerful processors combined with significant amounts of RAM and memory storage to prevent data loss has transformed cell phones into versatile computing and communication tools.  Mobile devices pose unique e-Discovery litigation issues involving data production and retention along with privacy concerns, which make a mobile discovery platform like MobileRev™ an important e-Discovery tool.

The MobileRev™ platform is designed to facilitate the review and analysis of social media, text messaging, and other forms of mobile content in a fashion similar to emails, electronic files, and other data.  The growing influence of mobile phones and tablet computers establish a rising need for this type of e-Discovery tool.  Because of the convenience of short message services and unlimited pricing bundles, texting as a form of communication grew by 28 percent during a recent five year period according to a Yankee Group 2008 study.  The fundamental importance of mobile data discovery in litigation also is evidenced by expanding forms of mobile content, such as social media activity updates, personalization of mobile phones, premium alert services, chat rooms, directory services, and more.

One feature of the MobileRev™  platform that is particularly appealing involves the ability of users to integrate social media and mobile data into the review process of other electronic evidence like emails.  This seamless integration option simplifies the process of gathering, reviewing, and analyzing mobile data  Despite this holistic approach to coordinating data review across multiple devices, the platform offers flexibility of use by permitting review and production in either native or image formats.

While this e-Discovery tool might take a little bit of time for a user to master, the interface is user-friendly enough that its use does not need to be restricted to the IT staff of a business or law firm.  The challenge of placing text messages and social media posts in context is simplified by the option to use synthetic family relationships and threading, which provides a roadmap through conversations.  These methods of identifying and sorting social media and mobile data are a welcome change from the more customary process found with other platforms like analyzing the information in delimited text files or spreadsheets.  The convenience of collecting and reviewing this information also is promoted by MobileRev™ participant naming identification technology which enables users to connect names and numbers associated with mobile devices.

Although there might be cheaper e-Discovery tools for managing the discovery of mobile data in litigation, MobileRev™ offers an excellent value because of the ease of the interface and ready integration with other forms of data discovery.  The negligible amount that might be saved in the short-term with less accessible and more cumbersome options might be non-existent when efficiency, ease of use, and implementation expenses are considered.

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