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The Principles of Our Practice

Since 1983, Ohrenstein & Brown has been the answer for clients seeking sophisticated and results-driven, cost-effective counsel. In areas of commercial and insurance related litigation, insurance regulatory issues, and government relations, O&B provides clients exceptional legal representation based on three fundamental principles: Results, Value, and Building Long-Term Relationships.

Results: A Record of Success

O&B is well-respected for its long history of achieving positive outcomes for our clients. We understand that litigation and conflict are a costly distraction, and strive to develop creative solutions that resolve disputes in a manner that best serves our clients’ long-term interests. Our clients look to us to solve problems, whether through skilled advocacy, savvy negotiating skills, or strategic planning. O&B’s attorneys know what it takes to get things done. As a firm whose long-term client relationships have defined it for over 30 years, O&B is a law firm clients can count on, working tirelessly to help our clients reach their goals.

“They are not only great lawyers, but they are very creative when they have to be to solve problems.” - Don DeCarlo, Director, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. and former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Travelers Group

Value: Applying Business Principles in Our Practice Leads to Lower Costs and Better Solutions

We offer clients a value proposition that can be difficult to find in today’s legal marketplace: sophisticated, large-firm quality representation, unencumbered by the legal fees required to support a large firm’s overhead. As a boutique law firm, we keep our rates at a reasonable level and maintain a higher level of communication between our senior lawyers and our clients; communication that facilitates a greater understanding of our clients’ business, concerns, and objectives. That understanding, along with accessibility and personalized counsel, is another advantage of O&B’s size and structure, allowing us to craft tailored solutions that do a more effective job of managing risks, minimizing costs, and solving problems. This is part of the reason U.S. News & World Report has designated O&B one of New York’s “Best Law Firms,” and why we have been a fixture in the New York legal community for over 30 years.


“O&B is very direct and they don’t waste the client’s time. That makes them very efficient and that has a positive effect on our bottom line.” - Terence L. Kelleher, President and CEO, Combined Coordinating Council, Inc..

Our Clients as Our Partners

We are grateful for the trust that our clients have put in O&B over the past three decades, and we work to cultivate and maintain that trust with everything we do. Our clients know that when we recommend a particular strategy or course of action, it is because we believe it will lead to a solution that best serves their economic and strategic interests. We work to understand our clients and their business; how they work, what they value, where they want to go. At Ohrenstein & Brown, we pride ourselves on the long-term partnerships we forge with our clients; close working relationships built on trust, ability, and accessibility. This client-focused approach, whether for new clients or those who we have had the privilege to serve since our founding in 1983, allows us to develop innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving, achieving business objectives and seizing opportunities. The partners of O&B are actively engaged practitioners, not just names on a door. We want our clients to know that they have attorneys who will be available when needed and who are determined to provide the highest level of legal representation.

“When you’re dealing with O&B, it’s not bureaucratic; you are getting the benefit of dealing directly with the attorney handling your matter. You always have someone accessible and responsive to talk to.” - Stephen B. Ungar, Esq., General Counsel and Secretary, AmTrust Financial Services

To arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call us at 212-682-4500 or 516-873-6334.

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